Iris Ministries Malawi

Extending God’s Kingdom by feeding the poor, caring for the widow and being a father to the fatherless

Children's Homes

At Iris Malawi, we have rescued children who have no surviving parents or able guardians to care for them. They come home to live in a family with Malawian House Parents. 97% of fatherless and motherless children do not attend school in Malawi. However, Iris Primary School is making a small dent in that statistic for our children here in Southern Malawi.

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Secondary Student Sponsorship

We now have 33 Iris Children who have graduated Standard 8 from Iris Primary School and have moved to boarding Secondary Schools around Blantyre, Malawi. Secondary School is an expense that Iris Malawi cannot afford on its own. If you are interested in sponsoring a Secondary Student please email us.

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Disaster Relief

Currently, Malawi is facing a severe shortage of food. People are lining up overnight to receive a 10kg bag of maize at a reduced rate. Many are eating once a day, and children and the elderly are always the most affected. If you would like to help provide food, please designate your donation 'disaster relief in Malawi'.

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Meek & Hungry

Iris Malawi Bangula Church Conference ‘Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied’ was the theme for our 2016 Iris church conference.  Days before the conference, people began to gather, from north to south.  With hunger at its worst in Malawi after three consecutive failed harvests, many of our

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Among them

by Joanna Morrison “Peace be with you! As the Father sent me, so I send you.” Jesus spoke these words to his disciples when he came to them behind locked doors after his resurrection. The disciples were afraid and hiding. They did not expect Jesus to come to find them there even though they knew

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