Bible School

The Bible School was created in the year of 2003.  The development of Christian leadership is one of our prime objectives.  We train 150 pastor students each year.  They come from all over the country, they are very poor subsistent farmers, and only have had up to a 5th or 6th grade education.    We provide each pastor student with transport as well as money to supplement their family’s needs during the time the pastor is at school, otherwise, they would not be able to attend.  They come with very little – some arriving with only the clothes they are wearing.  We provide them with basic needs such as soap, bed sheet, bug net, toothbrushes, as well as Bibles, notebooks and course materials.  When available we give clothing and shoes from containers that have come from donors.  There are dormitories for the students to live in.  Each term on the base is 12 weeks in length and if successful after three terms, they graduate and give pastoral leadership in their home church and village.

Bible school pastor students wearing new shirts donated from Canada.

Bible school pastor students wearing new shirts donated from Canada.

Our prayer is that the student pastors are transformed by God, developing into a Christian leader with integrity and faithfulness.  It is our hope that many will have the faith and desire to begin caring for orphans and vulnerable people in their own villages.

Pastor students help offset school costs by serving around the base in the mornings and on Saturdays with general labour and practice what they are taught with “Farming God’s Way” producing food in the gardens.

Since the beginning in 2003 we have now taught thousands of students from all districts in Malawi.  There are over 100 churches in Malawi from this school.


In 2013, we had our first ever women’s only Bible school.  The Women BS 1women stay for 4 weeks at a time, as their home demands are important for their families.  They have been so blessed to be welcomed to school here and honoured to be students in predominately male driven society.



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