Staff and Facilities

We have over 50 full time Malawian employees serving in the ministry and 8 long term missionaries.  
5 Bible school teachers
Cindy & LeRoy with Iris kids

Our Iris Primary School team of missionaries and teachers.

Some of our Iris Primary School teachers and missionaries.

Finding trustworthy leaders with integrity and faithfulness is a challenge.  However, we are encouraged by the growth we have experienced after years of equipping and training. There are now many nationals now in senior positions.

Change is happening one person at a time.  We recognize that transformation of character is a slow process.  We continually depend on God to sanctify us all by the power of Holy Spirit.



Greatest challenges faced on a daily basis:

Enduring high temperatures, dust, sickness, poverty, and hunger continue to plague the southern district of Malawi.  Poverty holds people captive when they continue practicing witchcraft, promiscuity, and drunkenness.  People are very open to Christianity, quick to respond to the Gospel of Jesus, but slow to change their lifestyles which hinders maturing in Christ.  The majority of believers in the church need encouragement in their personal relationships with Jesus and allowing Him to be their saviour.



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