Iris Primary School


A good education equips young people to make choices about their life’s path and move away from where they are now to an exciting place of hope, promise and dreams. Education is a major key to moving out of poverty.

Iris Africa Primary School, moving in the right direction.


Education in Malawi  
Primary schooling in Malawi concludes with national exams for Standard 8 learners. The exams (apart from Chichewa) are set and written in English, a second or third language for many Malawian children.  The pass rate for this exam is typically 70 – 77%. Those who pass the exam can then be selected to a number of schools across the country. National schools are the ‘holy grail’ of selections, followed by community boarding schools and day community secondary schools. The national average of those who sit for the exams and are selected to secondary schools is between 25 – 30%.

Iris Africa Primary School

Iris Africa Primary School (IAPS) is a donor funded school located in Bangula, rural southern Malawi, Africa. Our purpose is to educate children in our Iris care, those in vulnerable situations within the surrounding villages, as well as offering quality educational opportunities for children of professional families in our area. We have nine classrooms, a library, resource/computer room and three offices.

Our vision at the school is:

To be a school built on Christian values and morals that works towards educating and providing opportunities for children from the Bangula area to be empowered to make a positive change.untitled-20160909

We want to do this by equipping learners to move onto secondary education. We combine western and Malawian influence in our teaching, learning and approach to life to build a firm foundation.

In the 2016 school year, 5 of our 15 learners were selected to national schools, our best result to date. We maintained our 100% pass rate and reached a 100% selection rate to secondary schools.

The school educates about 100 learners from Pre-School to St 8.  There is an almost equal ratio of boys to girls, Iris children to learners living outside the base.


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